Game Island – Signal Version

as part of Poetik des Publikums, Center for Literature

Game Island – Signal Version

12 December
16.00 – 18.00

For Poetik des Publikum, the Mycological Twist has adapted its Game Island into an interactive game session happening in the messaging app Signal. During the game, the audience will be able to create their own identity and shape the story there are going through.
Game Island tells the story of a world of mutations resulting out of the climate change.

With amorphous game characters based on the elements of water, earth, fire, air and void, the players are led through various narratives, confronted with natural disasters and encouraged to engage in cross-species alliances – as a molecule, stone, bacterium or human being.

Together as players, the audience will be facing the reality of environmental conditions that threaten their existence – Will there be a future despite hostile conditions, are the diverse organisms able to evolve and survive or has the planet become uninhabitable for their own species?

Limited amounts of participants, please RSVP before 8.12. (to receive the game elements via mail) via

(picture © Silke Briel)


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