Ghost Camp 3

Ghost Camp 3

This year, in collaboration with Chaos Magic, we will all gather at the edge of Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. We will start on the 3rd of July in the afternoon, and end on the 7th of July in the morning. As always this Ghost Camp will feature a different range of workshops and activities throughout the day. There are limited places available, so if you would like to join RSVP as soon as you can!

We will camp on a field of Trish, which is a lovely piece of land leading into the forest. As this years’ edition has very limited budget we are asking you a contribution of £30,- per person, which covers the stay, food and workshops during these days.

Sherwood – home of the mythical Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give back to the poor – a testimony to the power of storytelling as a form of resistance. While later iterations added the trope of Mariane and a noble affiliation, its origin speaks of a commoner with disdain for the highborns. The move to ‘tame’ Robin Hood character by painting it as a less controversial figure speaks volumes. The wood as a place where one withdraws from power is another notable character in this folk myth. It is a shelter that functions as an extension to the city. The proximity of the forest with Nottingham allows for a porosity, ideal for Robin Hood’s guerilla actions. The forest, thus, becomes a political agent intertwined with the fate of Nottingham’s citizens.

In this edition we want to look at the woods as a place where mythologies are built and easily imagined. Before Sherwood Forest gained fame through Robin Hood, the vikings used this forest as to meet and hold assemblies. Wandering the same landscape we imagine and explore the way mythological characters emerged from forests and plains, changing their characteristics through day and night.

We are very much looking forward to see you on the 3rd of July!

Chaos Magic & the Mycological Twist

**** This is a RSVP event. Please RSVP via eventbrite if you want to join. We have a limited amount of space, if you cannot make it anymore, let us know so we can give your spot to someone else.****


Ghost Camp 2, La Dépendance, St. Imier, 2018


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