Ghost Camp, Kunsthaus Langenthal


photography: Seraina Wirz and Raffael Dörig

‘Ghost Camp’ exhibited as part of ‘Escaping the Digital Unease’ in Kunsthaus Langenthal.
Created in collaboration with Leslie Kulesh.

Vacuum sealed trash of Ghost Camp.
Vacuum sealed dehydrated food leftovers. (dried mushrooms, risotto, beetroot soup, tomato-sauce leather, parsley-mushroom soup).
Wish-pots and pottery.
Collection of Dark-Emoji
Printed articles that where part of the reading library present at Ghost Camp.
Defense against the Dark Troll, role play paper cocottes and dice.
Ghost Camp Bandana’s and overview of multiple uses of bandana’s in daily life or emergencies.
Shiitake inoculated logs engraved with fragments of the manifesto.

For full manifesto, reading list and Dark Emoji download go to:
Ghost Camp Official Website

After the exhibition the Shiitake inoculated logs went to Jan van Oordt from La Dépendance in the Swiss Jura.