Meteor Meat-Eater Sacrifice Party

Dearest sweeth(eart)h,

We are apologetic to address you in this manner but we think this is the only way we can get through to you.

We have tried to make it work but I think we all know deep down, it's not working out for either of us.

We knew it wasn’t meant to last from the start, in those early days we would look up into the nights Sky and it was clear to us that this time together of harmony was fleeting, one day you would end up ruining us. Every-time we try to progress we end up hurting you, holding ourselves back.

The communications have just broken down to a point where we have become so frustrated with you. There has been love and care and effort but we’ve met someone new, it’s not personal, we just need a fresh start. We are moving out, we have found a new modest home and have moved the essentials there already. The seed of possibility awaits.

Our people will be in touch regarding shared custody of Sky and Air as we know they mean so much to you. We hope you will be understanding in this matter.

We will always remember watching the breeze flutter through your grasses and shrubs, how your lakes shone, so real, in the moonlight. 🍃

We had some great times together, remember when we learned how to use a chainsaw and planted our first crops. We built the capitol together and that was special, it didn’t work out but we delighted in our achievements together. We will cherish these memories forever.

We are sorry it had to end this way, but you darling, are on a path of destruction and if we stay, we will all go down together.

We hope you can find it in your core to forgive us.

Goodbye our sweet(eart)h ❤️🌏


Frances Hennigan

Madeleine Wood and Nikki Caranzo


Make Something. It's Easy.

Get your axe. Cut the tree. Hit it no less than 25 times. Fell the tree. Cut into logs. Carry the logs in stacks of no more than 20 at a time.

You're hungry. Eat.

Collect more logs from the felled tree. Move the logs to your stockpile. Repeat.

Time to make hewn log. Eat. Work. Eat. Work. You need to gather more wood.

Your axe has broken.

Use your pickaxe. Gather stone. Use a tool bench. Repair your axe. Eat. Work. Eat. Work. Continue gathering wood.

The food you're consuming is low quality. You need to cook. You need fuel for your campfire. You need ingredients. You need a farm. You to make seeds. You need a Farmers Table. You need a butcher. You need to hunt. You need a bow and some arrows. You're too hungry to hunt. You're too hungry to farm. The food you're consuming is low quality.

Eat. Work. Eat.

Half an hour has passed. You've been eating raw beetroot and uncooked grains of rice. You've made 16 pieces of hewn log. You've cut down 5 trees. You've repaired your axe twice by collecting more stone with your pickaxe. You're too hungry to work. Your food is low quality. You don't have a house. You receive no points, therefore, your next speciality star is in 12 days time.

A day passes. 14 days until your next speciality. It moved further away!

Eat. Eat. Eat. Work.

The raw beetroot and uncooked grains of rice are providing less energy than before. You need to cook higher quality meals. You need a speciality star. You need to specialise in Campfire Cooking. You need to harvest crops. You need seeds to grow crops. You need better food. You can't cook better food until you specialise in Campfire Cooking. Your next speciality star is 14 days away.

Eat. Work. Eat. Eat. Work. Eat.

You need to work as a team. It's not easy on your own. Does anyone have food?


Anya Bliss

Freddie Churchill

Reece Griffiths
Abi Hubbard
Lulu Williams
Anya Bliss
Frances Hennigan

Lulu Williams


I can’t believe it has been 30 days already. 30 days of chopping, crunching, crumbling and churning. To what avail? An impending destruction hovering over our virtual heads has kept a drive to protect this haven.

However, time has runned out. Join us for the last communal moments and celebrate the end of a world.

‘Meteor Meat-Eater Sacrifice Party’ is the final communal outcome of a month-long workshop conducted by the Mycological Twist. The project took place in the video game ECO, as a virtual residency for the SPUR COMMUNITY.


Abi Hubbard
Anya Bliss
Frances Hennigan
Freddie Churchill
Lulu Williams
Nikki Caranzo
Reece Griffiths
Madeleine Wood

This event is kindly supported by Strange Loop Games.

The Mycological Twist is a project by Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer, both based in Berlin. They take mycology as a source of inspiration in engaging with ecological and social practices. Their point of interest extends through the mushroom fruiting body into the rotting matter deep below ground level. DIY methods are woven into digital cultures to construct utopias for alternative modes of living.
The Mycological Twist started in 2014 in London. Since then, the materialization of the research results in a program of commissions, lectures, camping sessions, performances and works.

Strange Loop Games build games that go beyond fun, creating experiences that give players a new perspective on the world, connect communities together, and redefine what it means to ‘play’. Through the flagship title Eco they aim to bridge the gap between games and education, building worlds that challenge players to solve the same global challenges that our real world faces, working in economies, governments, and scientific simulation that mirror our own. They believe games can provide a hugely important role in the world beyond entertainment, giving players context into the deeper systems of the real world, and asking them to navigate the challenges and change the world for the better.

Nikki Caranzo and Madeleine Wood's collaboration 'chopped' is a short animation presented in three videos to show three different angles of the scene. The work symbolises an aspect of the game ECO that both of us similarly found interesting/enjoyable; the process of chopping wood.

The scene is presented as the "aftermath" of the meteor strike, sort of like a ghost town that is left with the imprint of civilisation. The black background emphasises 'nothingness', while the floating island and the objects on it are the memories of our contribution to the civilisation.

The work has been made on blender and combines 3d digital objects, hand drawn objects (ink and nib), in-game video footage of ECO and footage of cutting wood in real life. ---