Game Island

at Schinkel Pavillon, 24. July 2021

Game Island

With Game Island the artist duo The Mycological Twist (Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer) create a live role-playing game that reconfigures the garden of Kronprinzenpalais as an organic playing field. Game Island tells the story of a world of mutations resulting out of the climate change. With amorphous game characters based on the elements of water, earth, fire, air and void, the players are led through various narratives, confronted with natural disasters and encouraged to engage in cross-species alliances – as a molecule, stone, bacterium or human being, each player is confronted with the reality of environmental conditions that threaten their existence – Will there be a future despite hostile conditions, are the diverse organisms able to evolve and survive or has the planet become uninhabitable for their own species?

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The games start at:
3.30 pm
6.00 pm

in the garden of Kronprinzenpalais, Schinkel Pavillon.
Oberwallstraße 32, 10117 Berlin

A maximum of 17 participants per game.
First come, first serve!

***Please note: You will have to present a negative Corona test result that is not older than 24 hours or a proof of your complete vaccination or recovery.


Game Island is part of ß  |  from anther to stigma

For more information on the research project by Asad Raza and the series of performative works featuring, Louis A. Krüger & Isabell Schnalle, Isabel Lewis & Dirk Bell: click here


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