Troll Swamp

as part of Quote-Unquote in Goodbuy Gallery, Bucharest.


3D prints in PLA, digital prints, silicon, cardboard, mushrooms and lichen
dyed silk and wool, cotton nets, MDF tabletops, dice, marker pens, stools, trestles.
Dimensions variable

Co-produced by Bergen Assembly 2019

Troll Swamp is a large-scale board game for multiple players, based on the formats and characters from the popular tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. The game has been developed and tested with various groups in Bergen, and utilises role-play and teamwork in order to act out scenarios against online trolling. Through the analogue nature of the game, a playful situation emerges where one plays an imaginary character. Guided by the Dungeon Master (a storyteller guiding the players through the game), each player will face their own online habits as well as their relationship with others. Troll Swamp has the potential to enable its players to regain confidence, rethink dynamics of interaction and reclaim a different space of expression online.

Pictured as part of Quote-Unquote in Goodbuy Gallery, Bucharest.
June 2021.

Photographs by: Petre Fall